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NEW Link: $1/2 StarKist Pouches = $0.50 at Price Chopper Plus Part of Gas Cat!

There is a new link available for Starkist Tuna Pouches! Pay only $0.50 each at Price Chopper this week after coupon plus it's part of the buy 10 select items get $0.10 off per gallon of gas promo.

$1.00 on any TWO (2) StarKist® Tuna Pouch Products

Still valid:

$1/2 Starkist Pouches from 1/4 SS #2
$1/2 Pouch


Heather C. said…
Hi Erin! Do you know which Starkist tuna pouches work toward the gas deal? The ad only mentions the plain one, but I see that the Tuna Creations are also on sale 10/$10. I was hoping they worked too, but I didn't want to try it unless I knew for sure :)
Erin said…
Hi Heather :-) it should be the flavored ones that count...hopefully it is because that's what I bought but I can't find my receipt to double check - I would check at the store to be sure, they may be tagged for the promo
Heather C. said…
Only the plain one had the bottom portion of the tag that shows the gas promo. The others were marked 10/$10, but they didn't have the gas promo on the tag. That's why I wasn't sure.
Heather C. said…
So I just now realized after looking over my receipt that even though I bought 20 of the $10/10 items, only $14.00 worth was counted. All 20 items have a * next to them on the receipt, so it doesn't make sense. I bought 4 Chobani yogurts, 4 plain Starkist pouches, 6 Idahoan potato packs, and 6 Larabars. I'll have to go back to the store and have them add the 10 cents I was cheated, which is a hassle. Others may want to check their receipts to make sure everything was credited.
Heather C. said…
Oops, never mind. I now see that the Larabars counted toward a General Mills deal. Guess I messed that one up :(
Erin said…
Ok, I'll have to update that in my shopping trip since I bought the flavored ones (wish I could find my receipt!) Thanks for the info :-)