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New Price Chopper Store Ecoupons & Deals!

Combine $1/1 lb. Sara Lee Deli Meat store coupon w/ $1/1 lb. Printable = $2 off 1 lb. thru 1/24

Starting Sunday Sara Lee Old Fashioned Cooked Ham will be B 1/2 lb. G 1/2 lb. FREE!

Weight Watchers Shredder Cheese is on sale for $2.50 and the String Cheese 12 ct. and Singles are on sale for $3 thru 12/17 = $2-$2.50 each after $1/2 store ecoupon

The $1/1 Dole Dippers store coupon may come off w/ the $1/1 manu coupon = as low as FREE w/ saving star ecoupon. Technically it should but I'm not sure if both would come off on the same product - let us know if it works for you!

Dole Dippers - $2.99
 $1/1 saving star ecoupon
+ $1/1 manu ecoupon 

+ $1/1 store ecoupon