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Price Chopper: Look Ahead

Starting Sunday at Price Chopper: Save the $2.15/1 from 1/4 SS = $1.84!

 We will see this weeks $4/4 coupon again in next weeks ad

 As well as the $1.49 wyb 4 coupon!
Hopefully we will see some new coupons come out for these items.


Heather C. said…
Hi Erin! When I checked the Betty Crocker and Pillsbury sites this morning to see which new weekly coupons were up, there were only 2 instead of the usual 5. Did you also have this and do you know why?
Heather C. said…
Strange....I checked the Betty Crocker website again and now there were 5 weekly coupons. So I actually got to print 7 today. Those 5 plus the 2 from earlier.
Erin said…
Hi - I checked too this morning and it was weird they only had 3 - they must have been slow to add them lol - that's great you got all 7!