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A Sneak Peek at Market32 By Price Chopper!

I popped into the Clifton Park Price Chopper last week. This is one of three Price Chopper stores that are currently converting into a Market32! I was very excited to spot all of the new changes. Here are a few pictures and observations:

green signage featuring the new signature lime green color

large, modern freezers

puns abound: "beer - just a few hops away"
Love it!

 The new pharmacy, "just what the doctor ordered"

Expanded floral dept.

 Sign me up!

deli, "anyway you slice it, it's a good move"

The Wilton Store, also converting to a Market32. These last two pictures are courtesy of PC. The white lettering above reminds me of the Fringe style font & color...I like it! 

What do you think so far of the new Market32?


Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting photos. I'm going to miss the name brand price chopper.
Scott Summers said…
Nice, I wish they would update my local Price Chopper.
Erin said…
You're welcome!
Erin said…
Per Price Chopper in fives years time over half of the 135 current PC stores will be converted into Market32 stores - so yours just might!
Heather said…
Looks nice. Hope they carry new products as well.