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Jami's Price Chopper Trip!

2- Transactions

4-Perdue nuggets -- 4.99  BOGO ---1.50 coupon NLA
2- Oreo cakes-  5.99------5.00 coupon = $0.99 each
8- Alexia frozen fries/puffs-----.  4/10====.75 coupon from 3/29 SS #2 doubled (not all areas received this) = $1 each$1 8-Horizon Cheddar crackers-- 2.99---  BOGO coupon-----target  competitor -1.00 coupon

$103.78 in product for $14.23 OOP ==earned  .30  gas --$6.00  ====total $8.23 == saved  $95.55! 

Thanks Jami!


Anonymous said…
The Oreo cake coupon is a carvel coupon but on the box I don't see it listed as carvel...
Erin said…
The coupon lists this particular variety on it so is good to go:
Anonymous said…
Thanks. Any chance you'll have disquis on your website to leave comments?