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Nicole's Price Chopper Trip!

4 Oreo cakes - used 4 5.00 coupons = $0.99 each 

1 Cheerios, 1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 2 Chex Cereal - used 2 buy 1 cereal get one 1 free coupon (had these from lucky charms box) and used (1) .75 off Cheerios, and (1) .75 off Cinnamon Toast Crunch from

1 PC American singles - used ShopRite competitor coupon for .98

1 Cheddar Biscuits - used ShopRite competitor coupon for .89 

1 Hershey Bar (saving star Friday Freebie) 

Total of both transactions: $4.78 

Total after Saving Star -$3.29 (will get back .99 for Friday freebie and .50 for Cinnamon Toast crunch)

Thanks Nicole!


Unknown said…
where did you get the coupon for the golden oreo icecream cake?
Erin said…
it's here:
the trip was from last week so you would have to check to see if they're still on sale
Unknown said…
Thank you! It worked for me and they are still on sale this week! :)
Erin said…
Awesome! :-)