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Reader Price Chopper Trips From Last Week: Paula & Regina!

Per last weeks matchups:

3 - Chex
2 - Cheerios
3 - Cinnamon Toast Crunch
All FREE per your weekly match-ups (plus $.08 overage)

2 - Golden Oreo ice cream cakes - $.99 each after 2 - 5.00 Carvel site coupons

3 - Purex Powershot - $.88 each after using 3 - .50/1 hangtag coupons

2 - Little Debbie Nutty Bars - FREE after using 2 - .95/1 coupons I printed a couple weeks ago (NLA)

5 - Campbell's Soups for Easy Cooking - $.29 each - on sale for $1.79, used 5 - .75/1 coupons per your match-ups (this deal is valid this week as well)

1 - Hershey's bar - SavingStar Friday Freebie

Total OOP $6.39!   

Thanks Paula! 

Regina's Trip:

Paid $24.23 saved $44.60!

Also, Regina bought a $60 AT&T phone card and received $10 ONYO! (spend $50 and get $10 per last weeks ad) 

This week the deal is spend $25 on any Net 10/Tracfone handset or airtime card get $5 OYNO! 

Thanks Regina! 


Anonymous said…
I went through 3 aisles pasta, rice a roni/soups aisles and couldn't find Campbell's soups for cooking anywhere. What aisle is this in? Is it next to Campbell skillet sauces, if so my store doesn't carry it :(
Erin said…
I was actually in a different PC yesterday at did not see it so some stores may not carry it :-( At my regular store it was on the shelf above the Campbell's soup
Anonymous said…
Whew, thought I had lost my mind. Thanks