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Jami's Price Chopper Trip: Saved Over $100!

1- Wholly guacamole ----2.00-------1.00 coupon
2- Trans ocean crab meats  4.99----BOGO-------.50 coupon doubled
8- Horizon mac and cheese --- 1.50 multi week sale----$0.75/2 (nla)
2- Ball park hot dogs---- BOGO 3.99 -----1.00 coupon  NLA
3- Special K bars----2.49-----.75 coupon doubled  -- Pc coupon
4- Mount olives pickles dill--- BOGO 3.39--- 1.00 coupon hanger
3-  El Paso refried beans fat free---1.00-------1.00 coupon
2-  El Paso taco seasoning –1.00---- .25 coupon doubled (nla)
1-  El Paso taco dinner—2.00----------.75 coupon doubled (nla)
2- Mission flour tortillas soft ----2.50------.55 coupon doubled
1- 16 oz Price chopper Salsa----pc coupon free
10- --Gatorade ---1.00------ $5/$15 Target coupon from Target ad
5- --Propel flavored water 24 oz  pc coupon free
Pc vinegar—2.99—no coupon  
Certo pectin- 5.99 --no coupon
Dill weed- 5.99--- no coupon
2.00 tops organic coupon
$129.59 in product for $37.43 OOP
Gas earned .18==3.60
Saving star- 1.00
Corona MIR -5.00 on el paso products
$27.83 paid after bonuses a savings of $101.76!!!!!
Thanks Jami!

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Anonymous said…
I wanted to say thank you so much for explaining if your store has a price chopped- others do as well. I went to PC today and used my $0.75/2 coupon for Horizon mac and cheese. Normally it's $1.99 and to my surprise it rang up as $1.00 a box. My store didn't have the tags up. I was so excited! Thank you.