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Price Chopper: FREE + $3.30 Profit For 2 Dove Sh, Sp & 2 Caress Body Wash!

New Saving Star ecoupons just came out!

This week at Price Chopper: 

Buy 2 Dove Sh/c at $3.49 each (shelf $3.99), use
$3/2 from 7/26 RP + $3/2 saving star ecoupon
plus buy 1 Dove Styling Product at $3.49 (shelf $3.99), use $2/1 Sp from 7/26 RP + $2/1 Dove Styling Product saving star ecoupon
plus buy 2 Caress Body Wash at $3.99 each ($4.99 shelf), use (2) $1/1 Caress from 7/26 RP + 2 dollar doublers
+ $0.75/1 Caress saving star ecoupon 
pay $3.23 (factoring in saving star credit), get back $7 OYNO = All FREE + $3.77 $3.30 profit!

You may want to make sure your stores shelf prices are the same as mine, they should be but sometimes may vary region to region.

Or if you don't want to do the catalina:

Dove Sh/c - $3.49 (shelf $3.99) $3/2 from 7/26 RP $3/2 saving star ecoupon = $0.24 each
Dove Styling Products or Skin Lotion - $3.49 $2/1 Sp from 7/26 RP $2/1 saving star ecoupon = FREE + $0.49 profit  

Axe Shower Gel - $3.99 $1/1 from 7/26 RP $1/1 saving star ecoupon = $0.99 w/ doubler & saving star

If you don't like to buy off the shelf price you can add this into the mix above:

Tresemme Sh/C/Sp - $3.99
$2/1 from 7/26 RP
$1/1 saving star ecoupon
= $0.99 

And it's all FREE + $2.31 profit. You've spent over $20 on sale price plus you have gotten another shampoo or conditioner.


Is there a scenario for if I only have one Caress coupon?
Erin said…
Yes, you could do everything the same except just use the one caress coupon with the dollar doubler (still buy 2 caress) and it would still all be free + $1.77 profit
Anonymous said…
Syracuse only got 1.00/2 but I was able to find .75/1 (12 oz or larger, I am not sure how big the one in the scenario is). So would it be 2.77 profit?
Erin said…
The size is 18 oz., with (2) $0.75/1 all free + $2.30 profit - a great deal!
I didn't get the onyo. They said it was because I used coupons.
Anonymous said…
You have to be $20.00 after advantage card and coupons according to the ad. How would it be free?
Erin said…
That's odd - it worked for me twice and for other readers, did u buy the same items as I did?
Erin said…
Anon. - these deals always work based on shelf price and coupons don't matter - see post
I purchased the same but used two .75 coupons.