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Price Chopper Racing2Riches Results - All Weeks

If you're like me you may find yourself with a few (or a lot!) of Price Chopper Racing2Riches game pieces that still need to be checked out. Below is the complete list of results to help you out. 

Winning game pieces may be redeemed thru 9/19. To enter your codes to play the bonus online games go HERE, these must be entered by 9/14 in order to qualify for a chance to win.

Race 1:
1rst Burgerriffic
2nd Ka-bob
3rd Chic-n-wing

Race 2:
1st Sizzzzlin'
2nd Marinator
3rd Fired up

Race 3:
1rst OldGlory
2nd Red White & Blue 
3rd Fireworks

Race 4:
1rst Lady Liberty 
2nd AmericanDream
3rd BBQ Glory

Race 5: 
1rt Sinister Sauerkraut
2nd Snappy Dog
3rd Theworks

Race 6:
1rst Medium Roar
2nd BeefPatty
3rd Cheeseburger Charlie

Race 7:
1rst Local Lady 
2nd Whats-Cooking
3rd Well-Nourished 

Race 8:
1rst MyAdvantEdge
2nd Fuel-To-Win
3rd MarketBistroMajesty  

Race 9:
1rst Apple of my Eye
2nd Guac-A-Mole'
3rd Lots-O-Cabbage   

Race 10:
1rst Custom Cutter
2nd Brrrrisket
3rd Bacon Baron 

Race 11:
1rst Rrrrrrrrr-X
2nd Vitaminner
3rd Salad4Me 

Race 12:
1rst The Conditioner 
2nd Stylin' Sally
3rd Majestic Mane  

Race 13:
1rst Lucky Lettuce
2nd A-Spare-A-Gus
3rd Super Spud

Race 14:
1rst Well Marbled
2nd Sir-Loin of Beef
3rd  Prime Rib Pete 

Race 15:
1rst Butter me up
2nd Milk Money
3rd More Cheddar 

Race 16:
1rst DeservedDessert
2nd SundaeFunDay
3rd PeanutButterCup 

Race 17:
1rst HealthyEater
2nd An-Apple-A-Day
3rd SupperVeggie  

Race 18:
1rst Teachers Pet
2nd DoublePointer
3rd A-Plus Student  

Race 19:
1st Adirondack Ace
2nd Apple Pie Princess
3rd Hudson Valley Whip 

Race 20:
1st Berkshire Bullet
2nd Headed4Home
3rd PaperorPlastic 

Race 21:
1st CiderDonut
2nd Harvester
3rd Leaves-a-Fallin'

 How did everyone do? I won a few $1 off my next purchase coupons.


Anonymous said…
This was one of the more confusing games you have had....the internet was not user friendly either.
Unknown said…
not easy game at all!
too hard to go and find out if you had won or not!
very confusing, frustrating, and time consuming!