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Erin C's Profitable Price Chopper Trip!


2 - 6pk dove men soap at $5.99 each (shelf $7.59*, see note below)
(2) $2/1 Dove Men's Soap from 9/27 RP
1 - Dove men's body wash $3.99 (shelf $4.99)
(1) $2/1 Dove Men's Body Wash from 9/27 RP

plus got back $5 OYNO catalina from UNILEVER (shelf price was $20.17)

= ALL FREE + $4.03 profit!

If you don't have the Target coupon (new one HERE) it's still a good deal at $0.32 each after coupons, savings stars & $5 OYNO if your shelf price for the Dove Men's Soap 6 pack is $7.59.

*Erin's shelf price for the Dove Men's Soap was $7.59 but is $7.49 at my store so not enough to get $5 catalina unless you buy something else like the q-tips or the Dove Sh/C if you have not yet used the saving star coupon for it so check your shelf price for this deal as they can differ area to area.

Adding in the Doves Men's Deodorant which is $1.79 after coupon & saving star to get to $20 shelf price is another option = all still free + profit.

Thanks Erin!


Erin said…
The $5/$15 target coupon was from targets coupon site a couple weeks ago. It may still be available. Expiration date 11/7/15
Erin said…
Awesome - thanks Erin :-)
Erin said…
My 6 pack of dove soap are actually $8.49!
Erin said…
Wow, that's high! Good for shelf price deals though, lol
Erin said…
yeah, I thought that was ridiculous! lol
Anonymous said…
I didn't see Chex cereal tagged as part of the deal. Is it part of the cereal deal?
Erin said…
No, sorry I had it in there by mistake